Grant Periott Sensei

Since 2004

Grant holds an Australian National Training Framework recognised Certificate IV qualification in “Sports Coaching Specialisation Martial Arts”. Grant is also an experienced adult educator and trainer and holds a further qualification in Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. Grant first began martial arts training in 1986 at age 15 in Aikido (Graham Morris sensei Aikiai), he has also spent 11 years training in a western school of jujitsu achieving the rank of Nidan under Ron Bartley sensei (Elite Jujitsu is a Kaiwashi based style).

Certificate IV Qualification in “Sports Coaching Specialisation Martial Arts”

Grant began formal training in Daito-ryu Takumakai in 2004 at the Victorian Branch Dojos under the guidance of Leigh Dicker sensei and Paul Broeders sensei. Grant’s number one Daito-ryu teacher is Kawabe Takeshi shihan with whom he completed shodan in September of 2010 at the Sumiyoshi Budokan in Osaka Japan. Other influential Daito-ryu teachers include Umei Shinichiro sensei, Amatsu Yutaka sensei.

Grant is firmly committed to the Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu path and is determined to continue to learn and improve alongside other committed students. Grant takes regular trips to Takumakai Headquarters in Japan as well as hosting sensei from Japan and interstate.