Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old does one have to be to take up Daito Ryu?

This depends upon individual clubs policy however in general early teens is a reasonable minimum set by many clubs. Junior classes for pre-teens are common in Japan. Currently the youngest Australian student is 12 years old. Aiki jujutsu does not have a competitive sporting aspect. This focus on art rather than competition tends to appeal to serious mature martial artists who are drawn to the samurai bujutsu origins which places training emphasis on the technical, spiritual and philosophical depth of Daito-ryu. back to top

2. What is the maximum age at which one can study Daito Ryu?

There is no maximum age, effectively. Given reasonable good health and a receptive mind there is no reason why one cannot take up and continue the study of Daito-ryu into one`s 70`s, eighties and beyond; many of Daito-ryu`s most respected practitioners and teachers tend to be of more advanced years. Indeed the practice of Daito-ryu may well extend one`s years of good health and active mind considerably. Practice contributes extensively to one`s general fitness, sense of balance, agility, coordination and confidence born of challenges met and mastered. The very qualities that we tend to treasure most as we age. Older practitioners also find themselves in an ideal position intellectually to absorb the philosophy and appreciate the enormous span of opportunity to study the history, culture, science and ethics of this ancient art and why it was the seed that that sprouted so many popular modern arts including Aikido and Hapkido. back to top

3. How do I join a Daito ryu club?

If you wish to learn Daito-ryu Aiki jujutsu you will need to live close enough to one of the Dojo locations to attend classes. Please see the Dojo Pages for locations. To enquire simply email us from the contacts page. back to top

4. How do I form a Study Group?

This question is best answered by contacting and meeting with a sensei. A study group must be supported by a recognised Takumakai sensei. Ultimately permission for setting up a study group or Dojo must come from Japan. back to top